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Ayodance Indonesia - Audition 180 bpm ( Emang Gue Pikirin ) | Perfect Chance "No Cheat"
[Audition Ayodance Club Battle] Ga Mau Lagi - Keke
aYoDaNce KisaH CeRiTaKu
Audition Ayodance Thailand Stupid Mode
aYoDaNce CLuB daNce 3
AyoDance Memories
aYoDaNce Get ScoRe 1 MiLLion
Audition Ayodance CD8 Chance 6 Everyday x16 2.9 :))
aYoDaNce WeDDiNg PaRTy
[Audition Ayo Dance] VIBE - The Guy the Girl ( Remix ) 1 million score without using chance
World In AyoDance Trailer
JKT48 Kimi To Boku no Kankei [Versi Ayodance]
Ayo Dance - KimBerLy's Avatar
Harlem Shake ala ayodance :D
TVC AYODANCE 2013 ( Andee Larion , Edward , Nando and the girls )
Audition Ayodance CFS. part1
Audition Ayodance CD8 Chance 6 Emang Gue Pikirin Score 4jt
Married at Audition AyoDance Indonesia - Nikah Audition Ayo Dance
Audition Ayodance Couple F2F
Hack mi-cash dan den Ayodance 2014
World Party (Audition AyoDance Version)
S2Q - Ayodance Mashup
Bila - candy (AyoDance desember 2008)(guitar cover)
Ayodance - Pasquale33
MC Mong - Sick Enough To Die (feat. Mellow)(Ayodance)
Bumper Car - Guitar Master Audition Ayodance
MC Mong - Sick Enough to Die (Audition AyoDance)
Letter to you at Audition ayodance
Jade Valerie - Razorman
Epik High - Paris
Frezia - Gila
Jace - Happy Day (Remix Version) (ft. Kim Hyun Jin)
MC Mong - Sick Enough To Die (feat. Mellow)
Audition - One Step (Cover) Teaser
Sunny Hill - Pit A Pat
5 Dolls - Can You Love Me?
A Jung Kim - Maria
VIBE - The Guy The Girl (Remix Ver.)
Epik High - Love Love Love
MC Mong - Letter To You.mp3
Ice Ice Baby (Salsa Mix).mp3
Rain - Hip Song.mp3
4Minute - Huh.mp3
After School - Because of You.mp3
C-Clown - Solo.mp3
NAVI - Heart Damage (Feat Crown J).mp3
Audition - 015B - Way To Call Her.mp3
Se7en - La La La.mp3
You Are My Everything.mp3
Zia - What Month,What Day,What Time.mp3
B2ST - Shock.mp3
Love Song (feat MC Mong & Yuri).mp3
Geisha - Selalu Salah.mp3
MC Mong - Letter to You pt 2 (feat LISA).mp3
Freestyle - Y.mp3
Zia - The Edge Of Love.mp3
Jewelry - Love Story.mp3
Brown Eyes-With Coffee.mp3
IU - Good Day.mp3
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