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[Audition Ayodance Club Battle] Ga Mau Lagi - Keke

AyoDance Memories

Ayodance Indonesia - Audition 180 bpm ( Emang Gue Pikirin ) | Perfect Chance "No Cheat"

aYoDaNce KisaH CeRiTaKu

aYoDaNce CLuB daNce 3

Harlem Shake ala ayodance :D

aYoDaNce Boys vs GiRLs

Audition Ayodance CFS. part1

10.08.2011 (Mighty Mouth - Family 174 BPM) (Audition Ayodance)

[Audition Ayo Dance] VIBE - The Guy the Girl ( Remix ) 1 million score without using chance

Audition Ayodance : Beat Up Audition - Ur Ma Angel

Married at Audition AyoDance Indonesia - Nikah Audition Ayo Dance

Candy - I Wanna Be With You (Memories to You) From Ayodance

aYoDaNce Get ScoRe 1 MiLLion

Audition Ayodance CFS - Kiss me

TVC AYODANCE 2013 ( Andee Larion , Edward , Nando and the girls )

Al-quran di injak dalam game "Ayo Dance"

Audition Ayodance - [BeatUp] Night(Hard) Lv 3 | nProtect-

aYoDaNce WeDDiNg PaRTy

Hack mi-cash dan den Ayodance 2014

S2Q - Ayodance Mashup

MC Mong - Sick Enough To Die (feat. Mellow)(Ayodance)

Bumper Car - Guitar Master Audition Ayodance

MC Mong - Sick Enough to Die (Audition AyoDance)

Jade Valerie - Razorman

Colla Voice - That Song (콜라보이스 - 그 노래)


Mix Match - Sweet Day

DJ S2Q - Hot Isue

Eternity∞ - Wonderful World

Caffe Latte (Geeks)

Ran- at the seashore listen to my loveRzRdt

For The First Time Lovers myRzRdt (CNBLUE)

My Poor Love (feat. Kim Greem)

Audition - Love Mode

Melinda - Mojok Malam Jumat by Imy Boundless

Audition - Will Be Good To You By Imy Boundless

Lolita vs david-egp

Cing Cang Keling - Remix


Precious Love.mp3

Tae In - If Love is Lonely.mp3

MC Mong - I Love U Oh Thank U.mp3


Touch Me.mp3

Audition - 015B - Way To Call Her.mp3

Zia - The Edge Of Love.mp3

V.O.S - In Trouble.mp3

Rain - Hip Song.mp3

Brown Eyed Girls - My Style.mp3

Zia - What Month,What Day,What Time.mp3

M.Street-One For Me.mp3

NAVI - Heart Damage (Feat Crown J).mp3

B2ST - Shock.mp3

8Eight - I Don't Have a Heart.mp3

5Dolls - Can You Love Me.mp3

Freestyle - Y.mp3

MC Mong Ft.Lyn - Letter To You.mp3

IU - I Believe In Love.mp3

Brown Eyes-With Coffee.mp3

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