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Black Missionaries Evison Matafale - Poison so sweet
Black Missionaries Evison Matafale - Waseseleka
Black Missionaries Evison Matafale Kuimba 2 - We are chosen
R.I.P. Evison Matafale "Time Mark"
Black Missionaries Evison Matafale Kuimba 2 - Nkhoswe
Black Missionaries Evison Matafale - Somewhere
Matafale yangana nkhope
Jahroam - This World (feat.Evison Matafale)
Evison Matafale
Black Missionaries Evison Matafale Kuimba 2 - Freedom
makondetsa@matafale memorial.mp4
matafale memorial.MP4
matafale memorial 2.MP4
New - MATAFALE dusty hOOd DJ'z (edit)
The Very Best & Mo Laudi - Moto
Skeffa pays respect to the Black Missionaries at the memorial show 24/11/2013 (www.malawi-music.com)
What to expect at a Black Missionaries Malawi show (www.malawi-music.com)
Yuda- part 2
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Malawi Underprivileged Mothers
Evison Matafale - International Music
Evison Matafale - Nkhawa bi
Evison Matafale - Malawi
Evison Matafale - Chauta ndi Wamphamvu
Matafale Remix
Writer Jonathan Evison ("The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving") Shares a Funny Profile of a Desperate Man - Public Radio's The Dinner Party
SeamlessR- Resolve (Evison Remix)
Revival (Evison Remix)
Make It Bun Dem (Evison Remix)
Mixtape #1 evison rodrigues
ROCKR007: Bruce A Evison - Little Fellas || 24.02.2014
BBR035 : Bruce A Evison - You'll Pay Me (Original Mix)
Evison- Watch Out!
Doctor P - Shishkabob (Evison Remix)
Eletrohouse (Set Evison Sales)
Artee B ft Amy Pearsons - Don't Miss You 2010 Bassline Remix
Deadmau5- Raise Your Weapon (Evison Remix)
Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen- Good Time (Evison Remix)
Danny Evison deep house/ techno mix May
Umafuna Zambiri.mp3