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EXO_12월의 기적 (Miracles in December)_Music Video (Korean ver.)
131220 EXO - Miracle in December [1080P]
[1080P] 131219 EXO - Opening+Miracles In December+Christmas Day+Encore Stage @ M!Countdown
정오의 희망곡 김신영입니다 - EXO - Miracles in December, 엑소 - 12월의 기적 20131217
EXO - Miracles In December Full Album (Korean Version) [Click and Play]
EXO - Miracles in December (12월의 기적) @SBS Inkigayo YouTube
Exo_12월의 기적 (Miracles in December by Exo of Mcountdown 2013.12.19)
EXO - Miracle of December Cover Thai version
EXO - Miracles In December Album [Track Select] "Click and Play"
[HOT] EXO - Miracles in December, 엑소 - 12월의 기적, Show Music core 20131214
[ENGSUB]Behind scenes of 'Miracle in December' of EXO
(English Version) EXO - Miracles in December by Silv3rT3ar w/ instrumental by Reynah
[Full Album]EXO - Miracle In December 12월의 기적_(Korean ver.)
[Lyrics+Pinyin] Exo - Miracle Of December (Chinese Ver.)
[1080p] 131224 EXO - Miracle in December (Chinese Ver.) @SBS MTV The Show All About K-Pop
131220 EXO 12월의 기적
131215 EXO - Interview & Miracle in December & No.1 @ Inkigayo [1080P]
EXO_12월의 기적 (Miracles in December by EXO@M COUNTDOWN 2013.12.05)
『中字』131218 EXO - Miracle Of December & Christmas Day@Show champion
EXO - Miracle In December [FULL AUDIO]
EXO - Miracle Of December (Intro)[Korea & Chinese ver]
EXO - Miracle Of December (cover)
exo miracle of december - cover (by minjohohankookai)
(COVER) EXO-Miracle Of December
EXO - Miracle of December Cover
EXO - Miracle of December (12월의 기적; Cover)
EXO Miracle of December One Shot Cover
Exo - Miracle of december (cover)
Exo miracle of december *English version*
EXO - Miracle Of December (Korean+Chinese; intro-preview)
Exo Miracle Of December (Chen)
EXO - Miracle of December
Exo - Miracle Of December
(Teeny Cover) EXO- Miracle of December
EXO-Miracle Of December (Cover) at Home
EXO-Miracle Of December(COLLAB)
Exo - Miracle of december (cover)
EXO - Miracle of December (Failed) Cover