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Firecracker Sounds
Firecracker in the Style of "Josh Turner" karaoke video with lyrics (no lead vocal)
How to make a very loud firecracker with matches (household items)
Katy Perry - Firework
What Does 18000 Firecrackers Sound Like? 4th Of July 2009
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zircon - Firecracker (Electro House / Complextro)
Mistah Nerf Firecracker Electro
Firecracker--Bass Line
Ryan Adams Firecracker Denver 2012
Synchronized Fireworks Show - 4 [FWSIM]
NIKE SB Red Firecracker Dunk Low Sneaker Review + On Feet W/ Dj Delz @DjDelz
Homemade Crossbow with Firecrackers
The Jerky Boys - Firecracker Mishap
Steel Train "Firecracker"
Firecracker Productions presents: Edward Albee's At Home At The Zoo
Zhao Jiping - Love Theme from Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker
Demonstration: Bermuda Triangles - Large Salute-like Firecracker
Black cat fireworks
The Jerky Boys Show #13: Flower Lady 4 / Sol's Firecracker Mishap
Strung Out "Firecracker"
Justin Timberlake - Tunnel Vision (Wizzardez Bootleg)
Funkybox Vol 3 Sounds Of The Summer 2013
FIREC012LPCD A2 Awake Walk (Mp3 Clip)
Linkwood & House Of Traps - Barely Eagle
UNTHANK007 Fur - Pulp (Linkwood's Stargazer Mix) (Mp3 Clip)
SHEVC004A Linkwood - Secret Value (Clip)
UNTHANK007 Fur - Pulp (Mp3 Clip)
FIREC008B Fudge Fingas - MassX - Juju & Jordash Remix (Clip)
Half Japanese - Firecracker Firecracker
FIRECMIXX005 'Fly Trip' by D.C.DJ
FIRECMIXX009 Specter
UNTHANK003A Lord Of The Isles - A2B (Clip)
TLM#001 The Forgiving Fountain Mix by Brian Not Brian
Who La La - Linkwood Edit
Fudge Fingas - Untytled (Clip)
Vakula - New Romantic (mp3clip)