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Genjer-Genjer - Lilis Suryani [PKI-SONG]

Genjer genjer

BING SLAMET Genjer Genjer

Dengue Fever performs "Gendjer Gendjer" for Quick Hits

genjer-genjer (GESTAPU).wmv

Jawaika - Genjer - Genjer

Genjer-Genjer Versi Blambangan Banyuwangi.flv

OmpRock - Genjer-Genjer


Gendjer Gendjer


Filastine- Gendjer2

Genjer - Genjer (Tika)

Indonesia Longplay Extended Project-Genjer genjer at Jazz Goes to Campus 2012 [HD]

jawaika - Genjer-genjer (reggae version)

Dengue Fever - Genger Genger (Live Groupee Session)

Genjer - Genjer - Pitoelas Big Band

Tika & The Dissidents - Genjer-Genjer @ Pidato Kebudayaan 2012

[ Video Art ] "Kembang Genjer"

Rayuan Pulau Kelapa - Genjer Genjer - #MusicianUnited5 #RangkulIndonesia

Genjer-Genjer Part II ( Half A Blunt )

Genjer-Genjer Part III ( Half A Blunt )

Genjer Genjer

Genjer Genjer - Bing Slamet

Genjer-Genjer (Indonesian Classic)(Cover Version)

Genjer Genjer

Genjer - genjer

Genjer Genjer (Kassaf Mashup)

Genjer-Genjer (Teaser)

Genjer Genjer Opening Credits

Genjer-Genjer Part III

Genjer Genjer (cover) mestii

Genjer-Genjer Freestyle - AN5 (NOK37Prod) (rawmix)

Genjer-Genjer (new)

Genjer Genjer

are_if - Genjer Genjer (gaberes liriknya) haha


Haluan Kiri - Genjer Genjer Proletar

Genjer-genjer (1962)

Genjer Genjer

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