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Ghost Mine - Wednesday at 10/9c - Introduction
Ghost mine opening theme song
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After Ghost Mine -- My search for answers in China
Ghost Mine - Wednesday at 10/9c - Sneak Peek: Introduction to the Mine
Ground Zero: Disclosure - The Cast of 'Ghost Mine'
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Monster Men Ep. 42: Ghost Hunting TV- Ghost Mine, Paranormal State, Dead Files, A Haunting, etc.
Ghost Mine Season 2: Sneak Peek 210
Paranormal Review Radio: SyFy's Ghost Mine: Patrick Doyle & Kristen Luman
Ghost Mine - Wednesday January 16 at 10/9c- Sneak Peek
GhostMan&Demon Hunter Show G/Patrick H.T. Doyle SYFy Ghost Mine
Ghost Mine Season 2: What the Heck Did Buckett Say?
Ghost Mine on SyFy 30 Second 3D Spot - Intro
Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody (Ghost soundtrack)
Ghost Mine Theme Song