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Campur Campur ANTV Goyang Berkait, Goyangnya Mantap Banget
Yeyen Lidya Goyang Seksi Banget @Campur-campur ANTV
Campur Campur ANTV 6 Desember 2013 (4 of 7)
Jupe goyang dangdut koplo MONTOK Banget @Campur Campur ANTV 23/04/2014
ZASKIA GOTIX Feat SITI BADRIAH [Oplosan] Live At Campur Campur (12-03-2014) Courtesy ANTV
Jupe goyang cabe cabean montok banget @Campur campur ANTV 3/01/2014
Zaskia Gotik Feat Mela Barbie Laguku Hot Bangeut Campur Campur Spesial Diva Koplo 22/04/2014
Heboh Goyang Campur-Campur ANTV
Mela Barbie & Siti Badriah (4 of 5) @ Campur Campur ANTV 22 November 2013
Dewi Persik Goyang Hot Cabe Cabean - Campur campur ANTV
Goyang Oplosan versi Campur Campur ANTV | Diva Koplo - Niken OM Sonata
Campur Campur Antv l Luna Maya medadak jadi Pedangdut dengan Goyang Ngebor.
Goyang Cabe Cabean @Campur campur ANTV 3/01/2014
Goyang Campur Campur ANTV | Buka Sitik / Sithik / Dikit / Titik Joss
Campur Campur ANTV 1 Apr 2014 Bag 3 - Goyang Bertaut
Duo Sabun Colek - Goyang Colek @ Campur Campur ANTV 7 April 2014
Zaskiah - Olga - Goyang Cabe Cabean - Campur Campur ANTV
Campur Campur Full - ANTV ( 3 Mei 2014 )
Goyang Gorilla Antv Sesi Campur Campur Paling Lucu