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moin afzal chand qawal

About 20 results

moin chand afzal qawal (dub gia chan khushian da) syed baba g yaqub shah.chingas sharif.part-227

moin chand afzal qawal (dar malkan da) alsyed dewan habib-chak mamuri.part-170

Moin Afzal Chand M.Afzal Gujrati Qawwal - Dastan-e-Sassi

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Avay Nausha Kade Mor Moharan

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Nosho De Rang Vich

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Ve Sohniya

sasi chand qawal noshosachyar jalalpur jattan sahibzada waheed ashraf 03006259840

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal Part 01.mp4

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Ghar Avay Nosho Mainu Tangan Teriyan

cheet baharan ayiyan nay moen afzal chand qawal

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Chhup Gaya Chan


Moin Afzal Chand Qawal- Urs Peer Syed Muhammad KASHFI Shah Nizami 2013

Part 33-Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Urs Mubarak Data Darbar Lahore 2008

dil nazrana rakh lai moen afzal chand qawal

phull mehnge vikde ne moen afzal chand qawal

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Ishq Aur Hussain

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Kalam Amir Khusro - Nami Danam Che Manzil Bood

moin chand afzal qawal (rab jany tay hussain jany) syed baba g yaqub shah.chingas sharif.part-224

Moin Afzal Chand Qawwal - Salaam Ya Hussain

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