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Sonduri - Sangeeth Wijesuriya ft Ravihans - MEntertainements
Ma Dama Noyanu | Sangeeth Wijesuriya | Wayo | Maharagama
Sonduri - Sangeeth Wijesooriya and Ravihans (New Mp3 2013)
Sonduri(Ma Dama Noyanu) - Sangeeth Wijesooriya and Ravihans
Sonduri (Remix) - Sangeeth Wijesuriya ft Ravihans
Sonduri Sangeeth Wijesuriya_Edit By Anu Bandara
Ma Dama Noyanu | Sangeeth Wijesuriya | Wayo | Moratuwa
Sonduri Official Trailer - Sangeeth Wijesuriya ft Ravihans
Saddantha Kule Hasthiyek (සද්දන්ත කුලේ හස්තියෙක්) - Sangeeth Wijesooriya New Sinhala Songs 2014
Sangeeth Wijesuriya new song
Ma Dama Noyanu Kumari\\Sangeeth Wijesuriya\\Sanidhapa
Gayen Ma Mudavala (Amma) - Sangeeth Wijesuriya
Api Kuruda (Sisikada Visirunu Sithiwili) - Sangeeth Wijesuriya (Wayo) Live
Amma - Sangeeth Wijesuriya.wmv
Ithipiso Bagawa (ඉතිපිසෝ භගවා) - Sangeeth Wijesooriya
Ithipiso Bagawa Sangeeth Wijesooriya
amma,amma,ammaaaaaaa- Sangeeth Wijesuriya
Niwaduwatath - Sangeeth Wijesooriya
Me Raga Thala Sangeeth Wijesuriya Wayo Live Musical Shows in Pelmadulla1)