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Tata Janeeta - Penipu Hati (Official Video Clip)
Bebi Romeo feat Tata Janeeta - Bawalah Cintaku
Tata Janeeta - Penipu Hati (Lyric)
Tata Janeeta - Penipu Hati (Lyrics)
Risalah Hati Tata Mahadewi
Tata Janeta "Penipu Hati"
Sarah Sechan - Mesranya Tata Janeta dengan kekasih barunya
Tata Janeta - Penipu Hati [Video Lyrics]
Bebi Romeo ft Tata Janeta - Bawalah Cintaku - Music Everywhere
Tata Janeta - Bawalah Cintaku @ Dahsyat - 12/09/2013
Bawalah Cintaku Bebi Romeo feat Tata Janeeta.
I KNOW IT - Tata Janeta dan Mehdi Zati Question 2
Bebi Romeo feat. Tata Janeta - Bawalah Cintaku (Music Everywhere) @NET.
OVJ-leho,leho,leho,...(sule, andre, nunung, tata janeta)
3 MINUTE UNCUT - Tata Janeta dan Mehdi Zati Kisah Asmara
Entertainment News - Penampilan baru rambut Tata Janeta
Tata Janeta Kenalkan Pacar Baru - HotShot 14 Desember 2013
Mantan suami Tata Janeta angkat bicara soal perceraiannya - Hotshot 2 Maret 2013
Kemesraan pasangan Tata Janeta & Mehdi Zati
I KNOW IT - Tata Janeta dan Mehdi Zati Question 1
tata janeta - penipu hati
Tata Janeta - Penipu Hati
Claresta - Bawalah Cintaku ( Afgan, Bebby Romeo, Tata Janeta)
(covered by me) Tata janeta - Penipu hati
Ferry [SBD™] - Tata Janeta - Penipu Hati [ Ci ] (BB)( Demo ) 2014
penipu hati - tata janeta (cover)
Tata Janeta - Penipu Hati (cover)
Tata janeta-penipu hati
Penipu Hati -tata Janeta
Penipu hati - tata janeta (cover by me)
Tata janeta-penipu hati
Penipu hati - Tata Janeta ( cover ) at Banjarbaru
Tata Janeta - Penipu Hati cover by Putra
Penipu hati - tata janeta (myfavsong♥)
Tata Janeta-Penipu Hati
Penipu Hati_tata Janeta
Tata janeta _ penipu hati ( cover by vivie)
Tata Janeta - penipu hati
Tata Janeta at Jl.arjuna 9 Bumi Satria Kencana
Bebi Romeo Feat Tata Janeta Bawalah Cintaku.mp3